About us

Company History

In 1982 Crestwood Kitchens, a major Canadian manufacturer of cabinetry entered into a technical management agreement with the A.W Aujan Group of Companies whose objective was to establish a sub-assembly operation of Crestwood’s products. In 1982 and 1983 Crestwood was successful in supplying cabinetry to various multi-housing projects throughout Saudi Arabia.

In 1983, obtaining approvals and acceptance of products not manufactured in Saudi Arabia was very difficult, so in order to secure these approvals from the regulatory groups in different levels of government, Aujan Crestwood was developed into full manufacturing facility. Aujan Crestwood quickly became the largest true in - kingdom manufacturer of cabinetry successfully undertaking and executing numerous government and private sector projects.

The late 1980’s brought the demise of Crestwood Kitchen in Canada and Aujan Crestwood became 100% A.W. Aujan owned. In 1990 Aujan Crestwood went through a transition from projects to the retail (private villa) market.

Today, Aujan Crestwood is without a doubt the premier manufacturer of upscale kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, bedroom closets and custom millwork in Saudi Arabia while we continue to be the countries' innovators of cabinetry related specifications and accessories. Aujan Crestwood’s manufacturing facility has been recently upgraded with state of the art wood machinery and its operation along with an ever present quality assurance department is controlled by some of the most knowledgeable cabinetry personnel from abroad.

Aujan Crestwood’s commitment to product development and innovation through the use of our expertise has lead us to venture into the cabinetry related business of producing products from the ever popular solid surfacing material. In 1996, Aujan Crestwood under the supervision and technical support of a major U. S. A. based company specializing in the establishment of cast polyester manufacturing plants, has built and is currently operating the middle - east’s largest and most modern production facility. The Dammam based plant produces solid surface material for use as countertops, sinks, architectural items and for various other customizing items with the material guaranteed to meet or exceed internationally recognized product performance standards.
In 2002, the owners of Aujan Crestwood Industries has decided to change the name of the Company to Crestwood Wood Works Co. (L.L.C.) and registered as a Limited Liability Company separated from the parent company - Aujan Industries.

Crestwood Wood Works has registered their trademark as “CRESTWOOD” in Saudi Arabia and all other G.C.C. countries in 2002. Crestwood is a member of Architectural Woodwork Institute(AWI) USA.


Kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and bedroom closets are our primary product lines in addition to the production of solid surfacing material that is Marketed under the name of “Century”. Cabinetry door materials consist of either raised panel ash/beech hardwood or modern kitchens high gloss medium density fiberboard/chipboard materials. Carcase material can be chosen from either polyester faced block board or ash/beech veneered plywood.

Cabinetry hardware is sourced from the leading cabinetry hardware and accessory manufacturers throughout Canada, U. S. A., Germany, Austria and Italy with all our finishing materials purchased from one of worlds leading suppliers, Akzo Nobel of Italy. The cabinetry stains, base coats, sealers and top coats are of Acrylic properties assuring our customers the highest quality and durable finish in the middle east.

Crestwood’s solid surface production plant produces material that meets or exceeds internationally recognized products performance standards. “Century” solid surfacing material technical and specification test results are detailed on the back of our “Century” product information leaflet. All Raw materials purchased from the U.S.A. From suppliers who have been in business the entire 25 years that cast polymers have been used. Crestwood is a active member of Composites Manufactures Association (CMA) since 1997.

Our main objective remains to develop that anticipate our customer needs in both qualities, design and competitive pricing. This commitment permits us to rightfully claim Crestwood as “THE TREND SETTERS OF KITCHEN CABINETRY IN SAUDI ARABIA”.