Solid Surfucing Material


Century is a non-porous homogeneous blend of Polyester and Acrylic components, filled with Alumina Trihydrate. The solid color or grain pattern goes all the way through to allow dimensional shaping.


Design possibilities are unlimited and are recommended for interior or exterior decorative and functional applications. Century’s high stain resistance, ease of maintenance and extensive customizing capabilities make it useful for various horizontal and vertical applications. Century may be used but not limited to the following areas of use or applications.

Kitchen Countertops * Vanity Countertops * Paneling

Tables * Residential & Commercial Furniture

Laboratories * Hospitals * Restaurants * Sinks

Offices * Moldings * Store Fixtures Framing

Partitions for dressing rooms & toilet cubicles


Century should be cleaned with a damp cloth and ordinary soap or household liquid detergent. To maintain a matt finish with a semi-reflective effect, the use of a household glass cleaner is recommended. Rigid stains can be removed with 320-380 grit sand paper and subsequent polishing agent to attain a matching gloss level. Furniture spray polish is not recommended, as the wax build-up requires major sanding for removal.


Century products are backed with confidence and carry a 10-year warranty when properly installed by an authorized fabricator. Crestwood guarantees to the original end user to replace or repair any Century product without charge should our product develop visible faults due to manufacturing defects within ten (10) years after the date of initial installation. Crestwood accepts no liability for any loss or any damages including direct, incidental or consequential damages ascending out of the use or inability to use Century products.

Century warranty is not in effect should be product be damaged by customers misuse or abuse (manufacturers discretion) or if goods have been previously repaired or replaced by an unauthorized fabricator or if the previous repair was executed with a non-Century product.

Century multi color sheet material particulates are randomly dispersed and granule location not pre-determined so granule dispersion will vary from sheet to sheet.

Century sheet materials and integral deck material is supplied with a sanded matte finish. The final finish may vary from matte to high gloss depending on the end users specification. Additional polishing, subsequent to initial installation and polishing is the responsibility of the end user and will be charged for accordingly.

Reduce Costly Fabrication by 75%
Integral Back splash
Rolled Front Edge.
60 and 65 cm Depth.
3.7 meters length
13 mm Surface Thickness
Available in 18 Colors.
Identical Color Match to Sheets & Sink Bowls.

Century is a wonder solid surfacing material that consists of a nonporous blend of a polyester and acrylic alloys and fillers. Thanks to its homogenous grain-like pattern which goes all the way through.

Smart, Elegant appeal: A special adhesive ensures that joints are invisible to the eye, creating a continuous, seamless pattern. Also Century doesn't fade, giving it a continues new look

100% Waterproof: Liquids do not soak in, but simply drip off. So there’s no worry of moisture and dampness.

Stain-resistant: Century is insensitive to stains because of its homogenous, nonporous surface.

Chemical-resistant: Century is not affected by chemical formulations normally used in a household.

Superior impact resistance: Century is designed for heavy duty performance. It does not crack or break easily under the force of heavy objects. Repair of cracks or scratches is fast and virtually invisible thereafter